What is it Edit

The pookie protest/ attack is when the PHD (pookie hater defence) and Nickel's robber army ally together and attack pookies. Their plan to do this is:

Flunce1 shows Nickel500 the website and becomes allies with the PHD (Darkragent02's (extreme expert) and penguinp7677's objective)

Dark and penguin will conatact the PHD and let them associate with us.

Smpcp9876 will get as many pookie haters as possible to join.

Get nickel500's account un-banned

Flunce1 will show weaponary to nickel500

Uniform Edit

Head items: Edit

Black puffle bandanna

Black toque

Face items Edit

Black superhero mask

Black sunglasses

Cat burglar mask

Night vision goggles ( if your a member)

Neck items Edit

Black cape (if your a member)

Scuba tank

Movie camera (to look like a gun or a laser)

Snow launcher (to look like a gun)

Body items Edit

Black hoodie (if your a member)

Black ice training plates

Cat burglar outfit

Deflection vest

Hand items Edit

Boom box

Bow and arrows

Cloud wave bracers

Grappling hook

Hawkeye quiver and bow

Lightsabers (if your a member)

Magic staff

Power gloves (Construction power gloves, freezing power gloves, ect)

Skyward staff (members)

Staff and shield

Type of sword ( Wooden sword, Rogue's rapier(members), jewelled cutlass(members), stinky cheese sword(members), balloon sword(members) Sif's sword(members), Thunder blade(members), Sword of virtue(members), ect.)

Feet items Edit

Anti lava boots

Black sneakers

Comm boots (if your a member)

Rebel boots (if your a member)

Pins Edit

Bat pin



Dubstep puffle

Red electric guitar

Scorn crest



Backgrounds Edit

Dark side

Hidden treasure


Secure system

Herbert's giveaways



Ghostly gates

Death star plans

Dragon's lair

Action scene



People taking partEdit

Nickel500 (agent nickel)

Flunce1 (agent flunce)

Smpcp9876 (agent smp)

Darkragent02/ Extreme expert (agent extreme)

Penguinp7677 (agent blast)

Club697 (agent club)