The uniform is pretty simple. you need to wear black and green. Here are some suggestions:

Head items Edit

Stealth tracker

Puffle bandana

Black toque

Snowboard helmet

Face items Edit

Black sunglasses

Night vision goggles (members only)

Black superhero mask

Neck items Edit

Red bandanna

Green scuba tank

Black cape (members only)

Body items Edit

Black hoodie

Black ice training plates

TIE fighter pilot costume

Hazard suit

Cat burglar outfit

Deflection vest

Hand items Edit

Luke's lightsaber (members only)

Black electric guitar

Cloud wave bracers (members only)

Acid guitar (members only)

Hawkeye quiver and bow (members only)

Storm wave bracers

Grappling hook

Feet items Edit

Black sneakers

Antia lava boots

Pins Edit





Pirate skull

Dubstep puffle

Backgrounds Edit

Dark side giveaway

Stormy background

Ancient cavern background

Sinister background

Death star plans background

Mystery background